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Pre-sale Inquiry

What is your license policy?

Please read our license here.

How do you provide technical support?

We provide free technical support for one year.

How to get the updated version of the source code?

We provide source code version update service, you can purchase it by the link:
version update service for one year

Do you provide the source code of all the libraries and demo programs?

Yes, the whole source code will be provided

What is the difference between the onvif server and the multi onvif server?

The multi onvif server can simulate many onvif devices, the onvif server only simulate one onvif device.
The multi onvif server also can simulate one onvif device.
If you are running multiple instances of Onvif server on one device, this will result in port conflicts, the multi onvif server is to solve this problem.

What is the difference between the onvif client and the onvif client library?

The onvif client use the onvif client library, it also include UI, rtsp client, video decoder and render functions.
The onvif client library is the onvif client protocol stack.

does the onvif server source code is a library ?

It's a complete application, and of course you can easily compile it as a library.

what's are the differences between the onvif server and onvif RTSP server ?

Onvif rtsp server merges ONVIF SERVER with rtsp server code, so it has all the functions of onvif server and rtsp server.
Combining 2 services into one not only solves the compatibility problem of ONVIF PROFILE T, but also merges the duplicate code to make the target file smaller.

Does the onvif server source code support onvif metadata streaming ?

Yes, the onvif server support metadata streaming.

For embedded platforms if we buy the onvif source code, how much work load we need to bringup the onvif server to our platform ?

Most interfaces of the ONVIF server are complete, You only need to implement some code related to your device, such as Reboot, SystemBackup, PTZ control etc.

What is the purchase code process and how do I get the code after payment? How is it delivered?

Buy online, after the payment is completed, the system will send you an email (about 30 minutes) with a download link.