Onvif server

Happytime Onvif Server is a Network Video Transmitters (NVT) devices simulation program.

Full support ONVIF specifications, compatible with ONVIF Profile S, ONVIF Profile T, ONVIF Profile G, ONVIF Profile C, ONVIF Profile A and Profile Q, implements IP Configuration, Device Discovery, Device Management, Media Management, OSD Setting, Image Setting, PTZ Management, PTZ Motion Control, Recording control, Recording search, Recording replay, Video analytics, Event Notification, Access control, Door control, Device IO, Thermal, Credential, Access Rules, Schedule and Receiver services

Written in C, support cross-platform compiler, can be easily ported to embedded systems.


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Onvif client

Happytime Onvif Client is a Network Video Client (NVC) to manage Network Video Transmitters (NVT) devices.

Full support ONVIF specifications, implements Device discovery, Device management, Media management, Image setting, PTZ management, Recording search, Recording replay, Video analytics, Event management, Media service 2, Access control, Door control, Device IO, Thermal, Credential and Access Rules services.

Written in C, the onvif client library support cross-platform compiler, can be easily ported to embedded systems.
Can be used to develop video surveillance system and Network Video Recording (NVR) devices.


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RTSP Server

Happytime RTSP Server is a complete RTSP server application.

It can stream audio and video files in various formats.
It can stream video from camera and live screen, stream audio from audio device.
It can stream H265, H264, MP4, MJPEG video stream and G711, G726, AAC, G722, OPUS audio stream.
These streams can be received/played by standards-compliant RTSP/RTP media clients.

It support ONVIF back channel
It suppport rtp multicast
It suppport rtsp proxy function
It suppport rtsp over http function
It support data pusher functoin


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RTMP Pusher

Happytime RTMP pusher is a high-efficiency RTMP pusher app, it support push the local media files, audio/video devices, living screen and the rtsp stream, support multiple pushers at the same time, support for up to 100 push streams, stable and reliable.

It support for most rtmp servers, such as Wowza、Red5、ngnix_rtmp、crtmpserver etc. It can be perfectly applied to live broadcast requirements in various industries, desktop live broadcast, live camera, live broadcast, etc.

It support various platforms such as Windows, Linux, ARM, Android, and iOS, support cross compilation. It provides the live audio/video stub process class, just need to implement a few interfaces to push the live audio/video RTMP stream.


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NAT Traversal Library

Happytime PPLib is a NAT Traversal and private network (LAN) access library. It can access to a private network of computers and network equipment from another private network or public network.

The advantage is no need to configure port mapping on the router, without having to deploy Dynamic DNS (DDNS).

Happytime PPLib is a cross-platform protocol-independent communication framework designed to simplify the task of building peer-to-peer and client-server applications and middleware components.


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Face Detection

Happytime face detection can accurately detect human faces, with fewer false detection, high accuracy.

It can be used for still pictures and video to detect faces.

It can simultaneously detect multiple faces, can detect different color face, can detect faces in a complex background.

The algorithm code don't rely oepncv library (The application only use opencv read image file), written in C, can easily be ported.


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Onvif Filter

ONVIF filter is a directshow source filter, it can make ONVIF IP camera as a directshow capture device so that the softwares that support directshow can capture video from the ONVIF IP camera.

ONVIF filter can manually configured the ONVIF IP camera connection parameters, such as IP address, port, user name, password, and so on.

ONVIF filter can compatible with the software which support directshow, it can long-term continuous operation and not drop frame or slow down the frame rate.


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Video process filter

Happytime video process directshow filter is a powerful transform filter.

Can rotate video in 90, 180, and 270 degrees, keep aspect ratio when rotated video in 90 and 270 degrees.

Can flip video horizontally or vertically, Vertical or horizontal offset, scaling video etc.

Use special optimization algorithms, processing speed beyond your imagination.

It can be used during capture for real-time video processing, during conversion or during playback to enhance existing media files.


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