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Rtmp Client Online Help

1. Play video

Move the mouse to the video window and click the play button, as the following:
play video
Enter the rtmp stream address and the authentication user password in the pop-up window, then click "OK", as the following:
set rtsp stream

2. Tool button

stop all : Stop all videos that are playing.
full screen : Play in full screen, press "ESC" to exit full screen.
one : Single video window layout.
four : 4 video window layout.
six : 6 video window layout.
nine : 9 video window layout.
sixteen : 16 video window layout.
six : Customize window layout settings.
six : System settings.
six : Online help.

3. System settings

Click the six button to pop up the system settings dialog box:
system setting
Language : Choose system language
Enable Log : Enable logging, the generated log file (ipsee-xxx.txt) is in the installation directory.
Log Level : Choose log level
Default video render mode : Set the default video render mode.
Max recording time : Maximum video recording time, when the recording time is reached, it will automatically switch to a new recording file.
Max file size (KB) : Maximum video recording size, when the recording size is reached, it will automatically switch to a new recording file.

4. Custom video window layout

Click custom logo button, pop up the layout settings window, as following:
custom layout
Press and hold the mouse button and drag to select the window area. Click "OK" button, the video window layout as following:
video window layout