RTSP Server Version History

Version 1.8, released on 2017-6-22

Support rtsp proxy functon
Fixed some other issues

Version 1.7, released on 2017-5-15

Support H265 video stream
Fixed some other issues

Version 1.6, released on 2017-3-16

Support EPOLL mode for linux platform
Fixed some other issues

Version 1.5, released on 2016-10-28

Fixed the screen recording issue
Fixed some other issues

Version 1.4, released on 2016-7-18

Support RTSP over UDP
Fix some other issues

Version 1.3, released on 2016-3-18

Optimized audio and video sync
Optimized H264 video stream
Optimized log function

Version 1.2, released on 2016-1-20

Support stream MP4, MJPEG video
Support stream G726, AAC audio
Support config the audio & video output parameters

Version 1.1, released on 2016-1-10

Support stream video from live screen
Support stream video from camera device
Support stream audio from audio device

Version 1.0, released on 2015-12-20

The initial release