How to use the onvif client library API to automatically discover devices?

Automatically discover devices using the code example below:

// open log file

// init system buffer
sys_buf_init(10 * MAX_DEV_NUMS);

// init http message buffer
http_msg_buf_init(10 * MAX_DEV_NUMS);

// set probe callback
set_probe_cb(probeCallback, 0);

// start probe thread
start_probe(NULL, 30);
// You can specify the IP used to discover the device with the first parameter.
// Passing NULL means discovering devices on the default routed network interface
// The second parameter indicates the interval at which the sending device probe packet.

The probeCallback callback function is defined as follows:

void probeCallback(DEVICE_BINFO * p_res, void * p_data);

The first parameter is the discovered device basic information.
The second argument is the second argument passed to the set_probe_cb function.