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Onvif Client for Android Online Help

1. Discovery devices

The onvif client for android can automatically discover devices
main ui

2. Device Authentication

If the device requires authentication, click "Setup User/Pass" button, then input the user name and password, as following:
set login user

3. Manually add devices

Click "Add" button, as following:
add device dialog

Input the device IP address and onvif protocol port or rtsp stream address, If the device requires authentication, enter the user name and password, then click "Add" button.
Note : the port is onvif protocol port, not http or rtsp port

4. How to find out the device onvif protocol port?

5. Device Information

Click "Device Information" button, as following:
device information

6. Device manager

Click "Time Setting", "Network Setting", "Image Setting" or "Encoder Setting" button, as following:
time setting     network setting
image setting     encoder setting

7. Realtime Video

Click "Realtime Video" button, as following:
video window
The horizontal screen video window as following:
video window horizontal

8. Snapshot and Video Recording

On video window, click "Snapshot" button or "Record" button, as following:
video recording

9. PTZ control

On the video window, through gesture control PTZ, Finger sliding direction control PTZ movement direction.

10. View snapshot and video recording

Click "Image" button to view snapshot, click "Video" button to view video recording, as following:
snapshot     video recording

11. System Setting

Click "Setting" button, as following:
system setting